Attends® Adult Briefs, Breathable
Manufacturer: Attends Healthcare Products

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Case: $61.99
Attends Breathable Adult Briefs

Size: Medium (Waist 32"-44")
Qty: Cs/96
Size: Large (Waist 45"-58")
Qty: Cs/72
Size: XLarge (Waist 56"-64")
Qty: Cs/60

Breathable side panels allow more air flow for drier, healthier skin, while moisture-proof lining prevents leakage. Non-woven, cloth-like inner AND outer covering is softer and quieter, providing comfort and dignity. Improved Comfort Flex-Tabs are soft, flexible, and can refasten anywhere on the brief. To fasten them, just PRESS the tab down firmly against the brief, then gently TUG sideways on the tab.

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