First Quality® Belted Undergarment


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First Quality Belted Undergarments

One size fits most
Package: (30)
Case: (120)

Ideally designed for the mobile user. Super absorbent polymer neutralizes ammonia and reduces odor. The soft inner lining and embossed fluff traps moisture and prevents skin irritation. This product has a slim design and cloth-like back sheet for discretion and quietness. A blue acquisition layer is added for extra dryness. 100% Latex-free. Provides superior protection for people on the go! Elastic straps are reusable and one size fits most.

  • Prevail® Belted Shields provide a comfortable fit and feature a Target Acquisition Zone and Blue Stay-Dry Layer that locks liquid away
  • Provides superior protection and skin dryness for wearers that are typically
  • The elastic straps are reusable and the reinforced button holes assure a snug, comfortable fit to prevent leakage
  • One size fits most

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